How to Add Pizazz to Your Catering Plate Presentation

plate presentationIf you watch popular chef contests on TV you must have noticed that the contestants score as much for the presentation as they score for the actual taste of the dish.  No one can deny that the manner in which food is presented affects how we think it tastes.

Even the slightest changes like how the food is plated, how it is garnished and some other special touches transform a simple act of eating to an aesthetic experience.

As a caterer, you just need to take care of a few little things that will dramatically affect the food presentation and overall customer experience.

So here we go with some tried and tested techniques of plate presentations:


The Actual Plate

When talking about plate presentations, the actual plate used for serving the dish is critically important. If you think of plate presentation as an art, then the plate is the frame of a painting. You may have access to many sizes, colors and patterns of plates, but you have to take your dish in consideration before choosing a plate. The size of the plate is an important aspect. Choose a size which makes the plate look not too crowded and at the same time, it should not look like you have gone stingy with the food. The key is to serve adequate portion.

Also depending on the dish you are going to serve, you can go for either white plates or plates with some beautiful textures for adding visual interest.



Never underestimate the power of colors in a plate presentation. Two or three colors are way more visually appealing than a single color. Creating contrasts always work. Steak and mashed potato may look little bland, but just adding a color in the form of parsley makes the dish more appetizing.

Many food items like meat, fish etc. have little color. Just adding some accompaniments like vegetable add some color and break the monotony.

Do keep in mind some color properties to ensure you are using the right colors in your plate. Blue is supposed to be a natural appetite suppressant, so limit its use. Green  is soothing and Red stands for excitement, so make sure you have these colors to make your food presentation dazzling.


Focal Point

Decide on a focal point before you plate the dish. Whatever the main item in your dish is, it should be served in a way that makes it prominent. The presentation should be natural and it should be in a manner that does not require the customer to de-construct everything before eating it.


The Art of Garnishing

Creative garnishing can add excitement to any food.  Just make sure that the garnish and the food should complement each other and should not contradict.

Always arrange the garnishes in a neat fashion to avoid the cluttered look.  The size of the garnishes should not be overwhelming and should be easy to eat.

Learn some creative food art like creating tomato rose, carrot curls, lime butterfly, strawberry fans etc.  They can dress up any simple food item.


If you are in the catering business, you can improve your customer experience with a delightful visual experience to go with your delicious food. Follow these tips to add color and panache to your plate presentation.


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