Competitor Comparison

Better Cater’s user-friendly design and comprehensive features are streamlined to your catering needs. Unlike other expensive competitors, we do not have unnecessary extra bells and whistles. Here is a brief comparison:


Better Cater



Better Cater is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market. We’re also so confident that you’ll love Better Cater, that we have a 30-day free trial. Pay absolutely nothing for the first 30 days. If Better Cater doesn’t save you time and money, then simply cancel your account and you won’t be charged one cent. Once you do have an account, you’re free to cancel anytime.

What this means to you:
You can try Better Cater for yourself absolutely risk-free. You’ll also have the confidence knowing that you’ll be getting an amazing value for your money.

Others don’t offer a free trial. They also require a hefty one-time setup fee, along with a yearly fee. They also restrict their best features for only the top paying tiers. On top of all that, you can’t cancel anytime – you’re required to give a cancelation notice far in advance.

What this means to you:
You’ll end up paying hunders of dollars before you’re able to even use their software. Anytime you want a more advanced feature, you’ll be asked to upgrade to their “Premium” accounts.

Look and Feel

Better Cater has a simple and intuitive user interface.

What this means to you:
You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use it. Our program is simple to use
and has all the functionality needed to streamline your business. There is virtually no learning curve to
start using the program.

Others have multiple levels of navigation with a steep learning curve.

What this means to you:
Most other products have features that add unnecessary extra bells and
whistles. They have multi-tier levels of navigation buttons that are sometimes hidden and not user-

Data Entry

Easy-to-follow, user-friendly data-entry tools make inputting information easy as 1-2-3.

What this means to you:
Add ingredient and menu items in minutes.
Quickly create events, proposals, and invoices with a few clicks.
Quickly edit and modify names and prices.

Multi-step designs make data-entry slow and unintuitive.

What this means to you:
Besides it being more difficult to create and organize your information, other
programs are slow to process your information.


Detailed ingredient information automatically costs out your menu items.

What this means to you:
This provides more consistency and less work. Simply pick the menu items you want and the required information comes in automatically behind the scenes and quickly calculates your cost and profits based on the quantity of items ordered.

This feature is generally not provided by other programs.

What this means to you:
Requires more time to enter your data, but invites more opportunity for error and inaccuracy. This is crucial when trying to determine your bottom line.


Better Cater is completely web-based.

What this means to you:
You can have full access to the system from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. There’s nothing to install or configure. And when new versions are released, you automatically have full access to new features. You have nothing to worry about.

Traditional windows-based programs need to be downloaded and then installed on your computer.

What this means to you:
You then have to make sure that everyone who will need access to it has it installed on their machines. And when there is an upgrade, you have to install that upgrade on everyone’s machine, including the database itself.


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